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Logo of Triplify
Homepage: Homepage
Field: Semantic Web
Type: Community project
Coordinator: AKSW
Duration: Feb 2008

Triplify provides a building block for the “semantification” of Web applications. Triplify is a small plugin for Web applications, which reveals the semantic structures encoded in relational databases by making database content available as RDF, JSON or Linked Data.

Triplify is very light weight: It consists just of few files with less than 500 lines of code. For a typical Web application a configuration for Triplify can be created in less than one hour and if this Web application is deployed multiple times (as most open-source Web applications are) the configuration can be reused without modifications.

Triplify makes Web applications easier mashable and lays the foundation for next generation, semantics based Web searches. DBLP:conf/www/AuerDLHA09

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