Transforming Relational Databases into Semantic Web

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The need to map relational data to RDF is increasing. With the rise of Linked Data, more and more people want to publish their data on the web following the Linked Data principles and most probably the data is in relational databases. RDF can also be used for data integration. Using a common standard data model, with a standard query language (SPARQL) is very attractive. In October 2007, the W3C hosted the first workshop on RDF access to Relational Databases. This led to the creating of the RDB2RDF Incubator group, which operated during 2008 and 2009. The objective was to survey existing approaches to map relational database to RDF and decide whether a standard RDB2RDF mapping language was needed and/or possible. The output of this group was a recommendation to create a group in order to standardize a RDB2RDF mapping language. The two use cases for RDB2RDF is to publish relational data as RDF on the web or combining a relational data with existing RDF.