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A Probabilistic-Logical Framework for Ontology Matching +Average F1-values over the 21 OAEI reference alignments for manual weights vs. learned weights vs. formulation without stability constraints; thresholds range from 0.6 to 0.95.  +
A Semantic Web Middleware for Virtual Data Integration on the Web +Evaluate the system using a set of sample queries  +
A Survey of Current Link Discovery Frameworks +-  +
ANAPSID: An Adaptive Query Processing Engine for SPARQL Endpoints +report on the execution time of plans comprised of ANAPSID operators versus queries posed against SPARQL endpoints, and state-of-the-art RDF engines  +
Accessing and Documenting Relational Databases through OWL Ontologies +No data available now.  +
Adaptive Integration of Distributed Semantic Web Data +No data available now.  +
AgreementMaker: Efficient Matching for Large Real-World Schemas and Ontologies +Compare the mappings found by the system between the two ontologies with a reference matching or “gold standard,” which is a set of correct and complete mappings as built by domain experts.  +
Analysing Scholarly Communication Metadata of Computer Science Events +No data available now.  +
Avalanche: Putting the Spirit of the Web back into Semantic Web Querying +the query execution and plan convergence  +
Bringing Relational Databases into the Semantic Web: A Survey +No data available now.  +
Cross: an OWL wrapper for teasoning on relational databases +No data available now.  +
D2RQ – Treating Non-RDF Databases as Virtual RDF Graphs +No data available now.  +
DataMaster – a Plug-in for Importing Schemas and Data from Relational Databases into Protégé +No data available now.  +
Discovering and Maintaining Links on the Web of Data +A methodology that proved useful for optimizing link specifications is to manually create a small reference linkset and then optimize the Silk linking specification to produce these reference links, before Silk is run against the complete target data source.  +
FedX: Optimization Techniques for Federated Query Processing on Linked Data +Compare the results to state-of-the-art federated query processing engines.  +
From Relational Data to RDFS Models +No data available now.  +
Integration of Scholarly Communication Metadata using Knowledge Graphs +No data available now.  +
KnoFuss: A Comprehensive Architecture for Knowledge Fusion +-  +
LIMES - A Time-Efficient Approach for Large-Scale Link Discovery on the Web of Data +Compare LIMES with different numbers of exemplars on knowledge bases of different sizes.  +
LogMap: Logic-based and Scalable Ontology Matching +Use four ontologies from OAEI 2010 benchmark, calculating the classification time for these ontologies.  +
Optimizing SPARQL Queries over Disparate RDF Data Sources through Distributed Semi-joins +No data available now.  +
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources with SPARQL +evaluate the performance of the DARQ query engine.  +
Querying over Federated SPARQL Endpoints : A State of the Art Survey +{{{EvaluationMethod}}}  +
Querying the Web of Data with Graph Theory-based Techniques +comparing the three distributed SPARQL engines  +
Querying the Web of Interlinked Datasets using VOID Descriptions +-  +
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