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14 Ticket for TODOs

As of 2021-02-17 this list is deprecated. To file new issues please use the bugtracker/issue link in the sidebar.

  1. 91 Twitter Accounts by category
    1. there is a template Template:Twitter_accounts_by_category to show twitter accounts of events in a specific category, for example Category:Knowledge Engineering
    2. this still requires manually adding twitter list for each category
    3. this is done by a script located in openresearch_twitter}}
  2. 92 Individual Conference Calendarsindividual conference calendar for people, organizations - see Template:ConfCalendar and the example Sören_Auer#My_Conference_Calendar
  3. 93 add number of accepted short papers
    1. Property:Accepted short papers is added to Form:Event and Template:Event
  4. 94 provide downloadable RDF dumps
    1. the link has been added to page Special:ExportRDF
    2. dataset is on Zenodo
    3. Add Twitter account info and feeds to organization and personal pages
    4. a script is created to do this job
  5. 95 create/improve edit forms for people, organizations
    1. (add twitter, link to Wikipedia, ORCID ids etc and foaf.) the position of tweets are not right, make them below the info box
    2. we add fields to Form:Person and Form:Organization to put Twitter account and WIKIPEDIA link
    3. we add fields to Form:Person put ORCID link and foaf
  6. 96 fix the geo-coding error
    1. e.g. on
    2. we add street address "Römerstr. 164" to geoname service
    3. we can decode the street name at geoname service, but there is still decoding error on this wiki page
    4. It seems that we need to wait for sometime until the API can decode the name created, see database update
  7. 100 add map and toc to pages
    1. similar to
    2. we have this now
  8. 102 develop an approach for content syndication, so people/organizations can integrate information about themselves into their own websites (could be a good bachelor/master topic)
  9. 103 Improve Ontology of OR
  10. 25 Order of the search box is not convenient
  11. 90 Add renowned conferences:
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