MMSEC 2009

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MMSEC 2009
The 11th ACM workshop on Multimedia and Security
Dates Sep 7, 2009 (iCal) - Sep 8, 2009
Location: Princeton, New Jersey, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: Apr 30, 2009
Camera ready due: Jul 5, 2009
Table of Contents

MM&SEC 2009

The 11th ACM workshop on Multimedia and Security will be held in Princeton, New Jersey, USA on September 7th and 8th of 2009.

    * Discussion of emerging technologies in digital multimedia authentication, encryption, identification, fingerprinting, steganography and steganalysis, secure multimedia networking and biometric user authentication.
    * Identification of critical high impact research problems addressing specific deficiencies in the field of secure multimedia distribution and consumption.
    * Formulation of target applications of identified technologies in both the commercial, civilian, and military sectors.
    * Exposition of legal, business and technology policy issues relevant to multimedia security.


Papers addressing security in multimedia processing, transmission, and consumption are welcomed. Both theoretical concepts dealing with fundamental performance issues and application-oriented contributions within this scope will be considered. Software and hardware demonstrations are highly encouraged.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
Topics include, but are not limited to,

    * Multimedia watermarking, fingerprinting and identification.
    * Multimedia authentication and encryption. Signal processing in
      encrypted domains.
    * Steganography and steganalysis.
    * Data hiding in biometrics, security issues of biometrics, biometric
      template protection, security in multimodal and multifactor authentication.
    * Practical systems exhibiting data hiding characteristics.
    * Digital media forensics.
    * Multimedia network protection, privacy and security.
    * Secure multimedia system design, trusted computing, and protocol security.
    * Security evaluation and benchmarks.
    * Emerging applications.
    * Legal and business issues as well as their interaction with
      technological development.
    * Issues of technology policy and public policy in multimedia security, for example DRM, copyright, privacy, interoperability and accessibility.

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