M3 2011

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M3 2011
Annual International Conference on Materials Science, Metal and Manufacturing
Dates 2011/12/12 (iCal) - 2011/12/13
Homepage: www.m3-conference.org/
Table of Contents

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Annual International Conference on Materials Science, Metal and Manufacturing (M3 2011) http://www.m3-conference.org/

Date: 12-13 November 2011 Venue: Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore


Advances in Biomanufacturing • Advances in Materials Forming • Advances in Micro/Meso Mechanical Manufacturing • Advances in Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes • Advances in Nontraditional Manufacturing • Advances in Pervasive Sensing and Computing for Manufacturing Systems • Advances of Abrasive Machining in Semiconductor Industry • Automatic Production Line • Case Hardening • Casting and Solification • Challenges in Adaptive Manufacturing Planning and Control • Coatings and Surface Engineering • Composite Materials • Concentration of the Ore • Crystallography • Cutting and Grinding • Data Driven Manufacturing • Design and Manufacturing of Composite Components • Design and Manufacturing of MEMS components • Design for Sustainability • Dynamic Design • Electrometallurgy • Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems • Extractive metallurgy • Fabrication Process of Nanomaterials and Nanodevices • Green Energy System Manufacturing • Green Manufacturing • Heat Treatment • High-Energy Beam Processing • High-Speed Machining • Hydrometallurgy • Important Common Alloy Sytems • Innovative Design Methodology • Intelligent Maintenance Systems for Machines and Equipments • Laser Based Manufacturing • Logistics and Supply Chain Management • Manufacturing and Metrology Sytems • Manufacturing Quality Control Systems • Manufacturing Service • Manufacturing System Maintenance • Manufacturing with Soft Materials • Materials Behavior • Materials Forming • MEMS Integration • MEMS packaging • Metal Forming and Joining • Metal Working Processes • Metallography • Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Manufacturing processes • Multi-Physics Coupling Simulation and Optimization • Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing • Non-conventional Machining • Numerical Control Technology • Other Machining Methods • Other Materials Processing • Other Modern Design Methodologies • Powder Metallurgy and Ceramic Forming • Production Engineering of Metals • Pyrometallurgy • Reliability Design • Separation of the Metal • Smart Machining • Surface Integrity and Performance of Components by Multiscale Manufacturing • Surface Science and Technology • Surface Treatment • Surface, Subsurface, and Interface Phenomena • Sustainable Manufacturing of Advanced Composites • Sustainable Nanomanufacturing • Testing and Control of MEMS • Thermal Spray • Thermally-Enhanced Processes and Materials • Ultra-Precision Machining • Virtual Manufacturing and Concurrent Engineering • Web-based Manufacturing


Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin Member, Board of Governors, Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) Former Speaker Parliament of Australia Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategy and Planning) Curtin University of Technology Former Pro Vice Chancellor International, Victoria University


Prof. Richard Clegg University of Australia

Prof. Goutam Pohit Jadavpur University

Prof. Ramanath Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prof. Abhijit Chanda Jadavpur University

Prof. Prasad K.D.V. Yarlagadda Queensland University of Technology

A/Prof. Jaroslaw Drelich Michigan Technological University

Dr. Abdul Md Mazid Central Queensland University


Email: info@rtembeddedsystems.org Website: http://rtembeddedsystems.org DID: +65 6327 0165/66 Fax: +65 6327 0162

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