José Palazzo M. de Oliveira

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vCardJosé Palazzo M. de Oliveira
Field: Computer science
Position: Professor(Dr.)
Affiliation: UFRGS
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José Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira is full professor of Computer Science at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS UFRGS. He as a doctor degree in Computer Science from Institut National Politechnique - IMAG (1984), Grenoble, France, a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from PPGC-UFRGS (1976) and has graduated in Electronic Engineering (1968). His research interests include information systems, e-learning, database systems and applications, conceptual modeling and ontologies, applications of database technology and distributed systems. He has published about 160 papers, has being advisor of 11 Ph.D. and 51 M.Sc. students.

My official full CV for the Brazilian National Research Council - CNPq is available at CV Lattes.