IJCSIS 20092

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IJCSIS 20092
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security
Homepage: http://sites.google.com/site/ijcsis/
Important dates
Submissions: 2009/10/31
Table of Contents

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CALL FOR PAPERS International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security IJCSIS – NOVEMBER 2009 ISSN: 1947-5500 Vol 6, No 2 (http://sites.google.com/site/ijcsis/) Original papers are invited in the area of computer and network security. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Track A:

 Security and Privacy in Wired, Wireless, Mobile, Sensor Ad Hoc Networks  Web 2.0 Security, Mobile Internet  Ubiquitous Computing Security, Pervasive Computing and Emerging Models  Wireless Network Architecture and Technologies Systems  Wireless Routing Techniques  Wireless Network Algorithms, Protocols, Performance Evaluation  Biometric Security, Artificial Intelligence  Authentication and Identification, Cryptography and Security Protocols  Cryptographic Algorithms and their Applications  Internet Security & Applications  Security & Network Management  E-mail security, Spam, Phishing, E-mail fraud, Virus, worms, Trojon Protection  Security threats & countermeasures, Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Firewalls  Intelligent Multimedia Security Services  Information Assurance, Risk-Management and Evaluating Systems  Applications, design, and performance of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks  Delay/disruption tolerant networks  Experimental test-beds, models and case studies

Track B:  Internet Technologies, Infrastructure, Services and Applications  Open Source Tools, Open Models and Architectures  Navigation Systems, Location Based Services Social Networks and Online Communities  ICT Convergence, Digital Economy and Digital Divide  Networks and Communications Protocols: error recovery, flow and congestion control, routing, multicasting, medium access control  Computing and Information Systems  Grid Architectures and Services  Emerging applications and systems  QoS architecture, algorithms and provisioning  Handoff and mobility management  IP-based mobility management  Radio resource management  Cognitive radio networks and spectrum assignment  Wireless network planning and deployment  Multimedia over mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) networks  Scalability and manageability of wireless network architectures  Cross-layer design, modeling and optimization  Mobile networks modeling and simulation  Implementation, deployment and management of security systems  IP multimedia system operations and management over wireless  Autonomous management of IMS architectures  UMTS/HSPA, EV-DO, LTE, WiMAX, WiFi interworking  Need and requirements of Beyond 3G and 4G networks  Challenges and opportunities for 4G wireless networks  Multi-access network and multi-technologies management  End-to-end IP multimedia services over wireless networks  Video, real-time streaming in wireless multimedia communications  Performance analysis, modeling, simulation and experiment of wireless networks  Testbed, prototype, practical systems and architectures  Standardization activities, specifications and enhancements in the emerging standards  Case studies and market analysis related to emerging wireless systems  Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence  Multimedia in Wireless Networks and Multimedia Applications  RFID, Bluetooth and 802.1x Technologies  Computer Networks and Data Communication, QoS and Traffic Analysis  Mobile Computing Systems, Location based Services  Information Systems, Applications and Value-Added Services  Database System, Data Mining, Information retrieval  Hybrid Computational Methods  Web- and Grid-based Simulation and Computing  Parallel and Distributed Computing  Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision  Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models  Visualization and Virtual Reality as Applied to Computational Science  Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems  Technology in Education, Theoretical Computer Science  Computing Ethics, Computing Practices & Applications

All submitted papers will be judged based on their quality by the technical committee and reviewers. Papers that describe research and experimentation are encouraged. All paper submissions will be handled electronically and detailed instructions on submission procedure are available on IJCSIS web pages (http://sites.google.com/site/ijcsis/). Accepted papers will be published online and indexed by Google Scholar, CiteSeerX and Directory for Open Access Journal (DOAJ).

Important Dates: Paper Submission Date: 31 October 2009 Acceptance Notification: 16 November 2009 Online Publication Date: 30 November 2009

Submit your manuscripts to the IJCSIS Managing Editor, (ijcsiseditor@gmail.com)

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