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Field: Science
Type: Non-profit Research Association
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City: Gieres,
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ECSI Mission

The ECSI mission is to identify, develop and promote efficient methods for electronic systems specification, design and verification. Throughout the ECSI membership the industrial partners, research centres and universities increase their competitive advantage, knowledge base and access to innovative emerging solutions in the system design domain. To accomplish its mission, ECSI defines a strategy based on joining of forces in direct involvement, research, development, skills sharing and education of member partners originating in the entire System Design ecosystem: system companies (aerospace, automotive, telecom, consumer, networking, …), embedded SW, SoC, EDA, IP, …: ECSI Strategy:

•Identification, development, optimization and support in adoption of appropriate design paradigms applicable to System Design and with special emphasis on efficient reuse of subsystems, eSW and IPs

•Building the synergy among members from system and SoC companies, EDA and IP business know-how with academic knowledge Professional involvement and education of the member companies to increase their awareness, knowledge and skill

•Support companies in promoting their strategies and solutions to a larger community of users through standardization activities, conferences and dedicated workshops

•Provision of access to a large database of resources in system design area: R&D project results, standardization, conference and workshop material

The most important means to achieve the mission is to initiate and work on technically ambitious and innovative R&D projects with strong industry involvement, to establish an efficient channel for communication between ECSI projects and other actions on one hand and the ECSI members and the surrounding world on the other, to cooperate with standardization bodies and industrial consortia. In all these actions ECSI draws on industry experience and academic knowledge, as well as on gathering and disseminating all relevant information. More precisely, these are the main means identified: Means and Measures

•Industry lead, needs-driven consortia

• R&D and deployment projects as a way to accomplish the goals, e.g. demonstration of concepts

• Acknowledged competence in system domain, to achieve broad membership among all partners in the System Design ecosystem

• Standardization activities: languages, design data representation, interfaces, methodologies

• Academic excellence through ECSI Associated

• Promotion of results in all efficient media

• ECSI resource database

• Workshops, seminars and courses

• Scientific and industrial conferences

• Training

Conferences: FDL DASIP S4D


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