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Optimizing SPARQL Queries over Disparate RDF Data Sources through Distributed Semi-joinsJan Zemánek
Simon Schenk
Vojtěch Svátek
Abraham Bernstein
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources2008ISWC
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources with SPARQLBastian Quilitz
Ulf Leser
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources2008ESWC
Querying over Federated SPARQL Endpoints : A State of the Art SurveyNur Aini Rakhmawati
J. Umbrich
Marcel Karnstedt
Ali Hasnain
Michael Hausenblas
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources2013ArXiv
Querying the Web of Data with Graph Theory-based TechniquesXin Wang
Thanassis Tiropanis
Hugh C. Davis
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources2006Web and Internet Science
Querying the Web of Interlinked Datasets using VOID DescriptionsZiya Akar
Tayfun Gökmen Halaç
Erdem Eser Ekinci
Oguz Dikenelli
RDB2ONT: A Tool for Generating OWL Ontologies From Relational Database SystemsQuang Trinh
Ken Barker
Reda Alhajj
Generating OWL Ontologies From Relational Database Systems2006ICIW
Relational.OWL - A Data and Schema Representation Format Based on OWLCristian Pérez de Laborda
Stefan Conrad
SERIMI – Resource Description Similarity, RDF Instance Matching and InterlinkingSamur Araujo
Jan Hidders
Daniel Schwabe
Arjen P. de Vries
Abraham Bernstein
Ontology matching2011ArXiv
SLINT: A Schema-Independent Linked Data Interlinking SystemKhai Nguyen
Ryutaro Ichise
Bac Le
Link Discovery2012OM
SPLENDID: SPARQL Endpoint Federation Exploiting VOID DescriptionsOlaf Gorlitz
Steffen Staab
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources2011COLD
Towards a Knowledge Graph Representing Research Findings by Semantifying Survey ArticlesSaid Fathalla
Sahar Vahdati
Sören Auer
Christoph Lange
Scholarly communication2017TPDL
Towards a Knowledge Graph for ScienceSören Auer
Viktor Kovtun
Manuel Prinz
Anna Kasprzik
Markus Stocker
Scholarly communication2018WIMS
Unveiling the hidden bride: deep annotation for mapping and migrating legacy data to the Semantic WebRaphael Volz
Siegfried Handschuh
Steffen Staab
Ljiljana Stojanovic
Nenad Stojanovic
2004Journal of Web Semantics
Updating Relational Data via SPARQL/UpdateMatthias Hert
Gerald Reif
Harald C. Gall
Use of OWL and SWRL for Semantic Relational Database TranslationMatthew Fisher
Mike Dean
Greg Joiner
Ontology Mapping2008OWLED
Zhishi.links Results for OAEI 2011Xing Niu
Shu Rong
Yunlong Zhang
Haofen Wang
Ontology Alignment2011OM