OpenSuCo @ SC 2017 : 2017 Workshop on Open Source Supercomputing (OpenSuCo-2017)

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OpenSuCo @ SC 2017 : 2017 Workshop on Open Source Supercomputing (OpenSuCo-2017)
OpenSuCo @ SC 2017 : 2017 Workshop on Open Source Supercomputing (OpenSuCo-2017)
Dates 2017/11/17T12:00:00 (iCal) - 2017/11/17T12:00:00
Location: Denver, CO
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/09/15T12:00:00
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2017 Workshop on Open Source Supercomputing (OpenSuCo-2017) Denver, CO, USA Held in conjunction with SC17



Increased specialization is an effective way for the HPC to continue performance scaling at the end of MOSFET scaling. To decrease design cost - in both money and time, rapid hardware prototyping methods combined with flexible software stacks and programming models must to be explored.

Open source solutions may provide the best opportunities for specialization and the OpenSuCo Workshop seeks to encapsulate a wealth of effort in design, prototyping, and cross-functional collaboration of open source hardware, software, and scientific computing projects in a singular point of technical discussion and exchange. As the limits of MOSFET/Dennard scaling grow ever closer, the high performance/technical computing community continually seeks new methods by which to continue scaling system performance and, potentially, system efficiency. The goal of this workshop is to engage the HPC community and explore open-source solutions for constructing an HPC system – from silicon to applications.

Important Dates


Submission Deadline: 2017 September 15, 23:59 AOE Author Notification: 2017 October 06 Camera-Ready Deadline: 2017 October 13

Topics of Interest


We invite the community to submit both papers and proposals for "lightning demos." The demo session will provide attendees the opportunity to give short (5-min) demos of software or hardware technology that could forward the construction of open source HPC systems.

We solicit papers according to (but not limited to) three technical tracks as follows:

- Hardware -- ISA & processors -- System and network interconnects -- Simulation & emulation -- Early hardware evaluations

- Software -- System software & OS -- Programming models, tools & tool chains -- Numerical solvers -- Application infrastructures

- Collaboration -- Co-design projects and methods -- Cross-disciplinary projects -- International collaborations

- Lightning Demo -- Prototype hardware (FPGA or ASIC) demonstrations -- Application demonstrations -- Live benchmarking or performance analysis demos

Conference Website


More information regarding the program committee and general scope of the workshop can be found below:

Submission Process


Papers need to be formatted according to the 2017 ACM Master Article Template (see this link for LaTeX and Word templates). Papers are limited to 10 pages including figures, references, the abstract, and everything else.

Paper formatting/templates:

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