VTC 2021-Spring

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VTC 2021-Spring
IEEE 93rd Vehicular Technology Conference
Ordinal 93
Event in series VTC
Dates 2021/04/25 (iCal) - 2021/04/28
Homepage: https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2021-spring/
Location: Helsinki, Online, Finland
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Important dates
Papers: 2021/03/08
Submissions: 2021/01/10
General chairs: Pertti Lukander, Jyri Hämäläinen, Merouane Debbah
PC chairs: Riku Jäntti
Workshop chairs: Periklis Chatzimisios, Sergey Andreev
Panel Chair: Lajos Hanzo, Mikko Uusitalo
Seminars Chair: Markku Juntti
Table of Contents

The 2021 IEEE 93rd Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2021-Spring will be held as a virtual conference, 25 - 28 April 2021



Important Dates


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