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|Acronym=VTC 2020-Spring
|Acronym=VTC 2020-Spring
|Title=91st Vehicular Technology Conference
|Title=IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference
|Start date=2020/05/25
|Start date=2020/05/25
|End date=2020/07/31
|End date=2020/07/31
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|Has host organization=Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
|Has coordinator=Carla Munoz
|Has coordinator=Carla Munoz
|has general chair=Haris Gacanin
|has general chair=Haris Gacanin

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VTC 2020-Spring
IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference
Event in series VTC
Dates 2020/05/25 (iCal) - 2020/07/31
Homepage: https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2020-spring/
Location: Antwerp, Online
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Organizers: Carla Munoz
General chairs: Haris Gacanin
Workshop chairs: Shahid Mumtaz, Leila Musavian
Seminars Chair: Kazi Mohammed Saidul Huq, Zhenyu Zhou
Keynote speaker: Miguel Dajer, Dario Sabella, Takehiro Nakamura, Muriel Desaeger, Schahram Dustdar, Andreas Mueller
Table of Contents


The 2020 IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2020-Spring will be held 25 May to 31 July 2020 as a virtual conference. This semi-annual flagship conference of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society will bring together individuals from academia, government, and industry to discuss and exchange ideas in the fields of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology.

Important Dates

  • Registration: Through 24 July 2020


Organizing Committee:

General Chair

  • Haris Gacanin, Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium

Technical Program Co-chairs

  • Sofie Pollin, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Dejan Vukobratovic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Osamu Muta, Kyushu University, Japan

Publications Chairs

  • James Irvine, University of Strathclyde, UK

Speaker Chair

  • Ingrid Moerman, Ghent University, Belgium

Tutorials Chair

  • Kazi Mohammed Saidul Huq, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Portugal
  • Zhenyu Zhou, North China Electric Power University, China

Workshops Co-chairs

  • Shahid Mumtaz, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Portugal
  • Leila Musavian, University of Essex, UK
  • Industry Program Co-chairs
  • Valerio Frascolla, Intel, Germany
  • Andreas Muller, Bosch, Germany
  • Michael Peeters, IMEC, Belgium
  • Zoran Zvonar, Analog D, USA (Advisor)

Publicity Co-chairs

  • Mariusz Glabowski, PUT, Poland
  • Klaus Doppler, Bell Labs, USA
  • Jiliang Wang, Tsinghua University, China
  • Tamer Elbatt, AUC, Egypt

Local Arrangements Chair

  • Carla Munoz, Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium

Finance Chair

  • J. R. Cruz, The University of Oklahoma, USA

Conference Administrators

  • Rodney C. Keele, The University of Oklahoma, USA
  • Cerry Leffler, The University of Oklahoma, USA

VTC2020-Spring Antwerp Speakers

  • Miguel Dajer, Director, New Jersey R&D Center, and Vice President, US Wireless Research Futurewei Technologies Inc.
  • Dario Sabella, Senior Manager Standards and Research Intel Germany
  • Takehiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and General Manager, 5G Laboratory NTT DOCOMO
  • Muriel Desaeger, Technical General Manager of Technology Trend Analysis Toyota Motor Europe
  • Schahram Dustdar, Professor of Computer Science heading the Research Division of Distributed Systems Vienna University of Technology
  • Andreas Mueller, Head of Communication and Network Technology Robert Bosch GmbH