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This page gives an overview of software tools. Due to a large number of tools being created in the community, this site is always somewhat outdated. Contributions and updates are welcomed.

Current tools on Openresearch

The following tools are currently recorded in this wiki ordered by most recent releases. You can also browse the tools starting at the Category:Tool.

The following is a list of all tools currently known (use the icons in the table header to sort by any particular column):

 CategoryStatusReleasedLicenseProgramming languageBy
ImageJImage processing
stable30 January 2008Public DomainJavaNational Institutes of Health
XOperatorSemantic Web
alpha22 February 2008GPLJavaAKSW
DL-LearnerMachine learning
beta13 October 2008GPLJavaAKSW
ADERISSemantic Web
unknown15 April 2010Java
AvalancheSemantic Web
unknown24 April 2010Unknown
WoDQASemantic Web
beta5 July 2012JavaSEAGENT
OntoWikiSemantic Web
beta31 January 2014GPLPHPAKSW
SemSurSemantic Web
unknown1 April 2017Creative Commons Attribution 4.0OwlUniversity of Bonn, Informatik 3
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