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TDMT 2011
Annual International Conference on Telecom and Digital Media Technology
Dates 2011/11/24 (iCal) - 2011/11/25
Table of Contents

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Annual International Conference on Telecom and Digital Media Technology (TDMT 2011)

Date: 24-25 November 2011 Venue: Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore


3D Modelling • Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks, Adaptive Antenna Systems • Advertising • All-optical Networks • Animation and Simulation • Audio and Video Compression and Manipulation • Branded Entertainment • Broadbvand Wireless LANs/MANs • Broadcasting based on digital technology • Cellular and Broadcast Communications • Citizen Journalism • Cognitive Radio, Wireless Broadband Communications • Communciations Systems Software • Communication Technology and Digital Media • Communication Theory and Methodology • Computer Vision • Content in the Cloud • Cross Platform Video Distribution • Cutting the Cord: Checking in on the Revolution • Cyber Law • Development of Gadgets for communication • Digital Photography • Digital Society (technology dependent society) • Digital Technology for Creative Industry • Digital Technology for Marketing, Branding and Advertisement • e-Commerce & e-Government • E-learning, Multimedia conferencing, internet phones, and mail • Embedded Systems for Communication • Entertainment and Games • Ethical, Social, Privacy, Security and moral Issues in an e-societ • Evolution of Audience • Facebook and Media • Formal Methods • Games Industry • Gamification: How to Use of Game Play Mechanics in Your Business • How Media is Embracing the iPad and Tablets • Hybrid Wireless Comunication Systems • ICT component Industry • Information Society • Interactive Play Media (games) • Investing in Digital Media: VCs Speak • Knowledge Management • Media on the iPad and Tablets • Mobile Agents & Multiagent Systems • Mobile and Wireless IP • Mobile Marketing: What's Working • Mobile Multimedia • Mobile Network Architecture • Mobile TV and Video • Multi-Agent Systems • Multi-Hop and Cooperative Communications • Multimedia Communication • Multimedia Processor Architecture • Myths, Taboos and Misconceptions in IS • Network and Operating System Support for Multimedia • Network Convergence • Network Management • Networked Virtual Environments • Next Generation Internet • Pattern Recognition, Medical Applications and Tele-Medicine • Political Marketing through internet • Quality of Service/Experience • Regulation of Media Coverage • Satellite and Space Communications • Security & Privacy • Service Architectures • Social Commerce • Social Impact of Digital Media • Social Marketing: Techniques, ROI & Developments • Social Networks Services • Social TV • Software Design for Mobile Devices • Software Engineering • Software Testing and Evaluation • Telecommunication Component Industry • Telecommunications and Society (internet governance, privacy issues, digital divide & access to content) • The Future of News Media • The Role of Information in the Information Society • Tools, Environments and Testbeds • Virtual Reality • Voice, Image and Video Processing (coding, compression, recognition, etc.) • Web copy writing • Web design and redesign • Web marketing and advertising • Web Services and Architectures • What's Next in Mobile Apps • Wireless Multi-Media • Wireless Multiple Access Techniques


Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin Member, Board of Governors, Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) Former Speaker Parliament of Australia Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategy and Planning) Curtin University of Technology Former Pro Vice Chancellor International, Victoria University


Dr. Lambertus Hesselink Stanford University

Dr. Subir Kumar Sarkar Jadavpur University

Dr. Charles Walker Auckland University of Technology

Dr. Pingyi Fan Tsinghua University

Dr. Olaf Diegel Creative Industries Research Institute Auckland University of Technology

Dr. Frances Joseph Auckland University of Technology,

Dr. Faycal Bensaali University of Hertfordshire

Dr. A Paventhan ERNET India R&D Centre

Dr. Adi Anani UMEA Universitet

Prof. Athanassios Imperial College London


Email: Website: DID: +65 6327 0165/66 Fax: +65 6327 0162

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