TALN 2008

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TALN 2008
15eme conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles
Dates Jun 9, 2008 (iCal) - Jun 13, 2008
Homepage: www.lia.univ-avignon.fr/jep-taln08
Location: Avignon, France
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 11, 2008
Notification: Mar 28, 2008
Table of Contents


                  15eme conférence sur le
       Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles

       Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse
                    du 9 au 13 Juin 2008

   Submission deadline:         February 11th, 2008
   Notification to authors:     March 28th, 2008
   Conference:                  June 9-13, 2008

Organized by the LIA (Computer Lab of the University of Avignon),
JEP-TALN-RECITAL'08 groups together the 27th edition of the Spoken
Language Conference JEP'08, the 15th edition of the Natural Language
Processing conference TALN'08 and the 10th edition of the Student
NLP conference RECITAL'08.

For the third time, after Nancy in 2002 and Fes in 2004, the French
speech association AFCP and the French NLP association ATALA are
jointly organising their main conference in order to group together
the two research community working in the fields of Speech and Natural
Language Processing.

The conference will include oral and poster communications, invited
conferences, workshops and tutorials. Workshop and tutorials will be
held on June 13, 2008.

The official languages are French and English.

Papers are requested in all areas of NLP, including (but not restricted
to) :

    o Lexicon : databases containing morphological, syntactic,
      semantic, and/or phonological information
    o Analysis, generation and lexicons in the following domains :
      - Phonetics and phonology
      - Morphology
      - Syntax
      - Semantics
    o NLP applications
      - Text analysis
      - Text summarization
      - Text generation
      - Natural language interfaces
      - Machine translation
      - Information retrieval
      - CALL
    o Logical, symbolic and statistical approaches

All selected papers will be published in the proceedings. In addition, the
scientific committee will select two papers,  which will be recommended for
publication in the journal "Traitement Automatique des Langues" (T.A.L.).

Authors are invited to submit original research work. Submissions will be
reviewed by at least two experts of the  domain. Decisions will be based on
the following criteria :

    - importance and originality of the paper
    - scientific and technical soundness
    - comparison of the results obtained with those found in relevant works
    - clarity of the presentation
    - relevance to the conference topics

Papers will be written in French for French-speaking authors or English for
non-French-speaking authors.

Papers should not exceed 10 pages, in Times 12, single-spaced (approx.
3,000 words), including figures, examples and references.

A LaTeX style file and a Word template are available on the conference
The page format is A4. An interactive form for the subsmission of articles
is provided on the conference website. Papers should be uploaded in PDF

Instructions for the conversion of Word documents into PDF format are
available on the conference website.

Practical information can be found on the conference website.

Contact : taln08@atala.org

Jean-Yves Antoine          LI, Universite de Tours
Frederic Bechet            LIA, Universite d'Avignon
Lamia Belguith             Universit de Sfax, Tunisie
Patrice Bellot             LIA, Universite d'Avignon
Philippe Blache            CNRS & Université de Provence
Beatrice Daille            LINA, Universite de Nantes
Géraldine Damnati          France Télécom R&D (Orange Labs)
Laurence Danlos            Université Paris 7, Lattice
Eric de La Clergerie       INRIA, Atoll
Claude de Loupy            Syllabs
Marc El-Bèze               LIA, Universite d'Avignon
Cédrick Fairon             Université Catholique de Louvain
Nuria Gala                 DELIC Universit Aix Marseille 3
Claire Gardent             CNRS, Nancy LORIA
Eric Gaussier              LIG, Universit Joseph Fourier
Nabil Hathout              CNRS, Université Toulouse Le Mirail (CLLE)
Sylvain Kahane             Modyco, Université Paris 10
Mathieu Lafourcade         LIRMM, Montpellier
Philippe Langlais          Université de Montral (RALI), Canada
Dominique Laurent          Synapse Développement
Piet Mertens               Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgique
Philippe Muller            Université Paul Sabatier, IRIT
Adeline Nazarenko          LIPN, Université Paris Nord
Alexis Nasr                LIF, Université de la Mediterranée
Patrick Paroubek           LIMSI-CNRS, Paris
Giuseppe Riccardi          Université de Trento, Italie
Owen Rambow                Université de Columbia (CCLS), USA
Pascale Sebillot           Université de Rennes 1 (IRISA)
Eric Werhli                Université de Geneve, Suisse
François Yvon              LIMSI-CNRS, Paris
Imed Zitouni               IBM Watson Research Center, USA
Pierre Zweigenbaum         LIMSI-CNRS, Paris

    - Frédéric BECHET (Co-President)
    - Patrice BELLOT
    - Jean-Francois BONASTRE (Co-President)
    - Tania JIMENEZ

 Stanislas Oger      Frederic Duvert
 Fabrice Lefevre     Laurianne Sitbon
 Corinne Fredouille  Christophe Levy
 Eric Charton        Pascal Nocera
 Georges Linares     Loic Barrault
 Marie-jean Meurs    Nathalie Camelin

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