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AcronymTitleCategoryHomepageHas CORE RankHas CORE RankHas Average Acceptance Rate
ALTAlgorithmic Learning TheoryEvent series
AMCISAmericas Conference on Information SystemsEvent series
Information systems
AMIAAmerican Medical Informatics Annual Fall SymposiumEvent seriesAA
AMTAConference of the Association for Machine Translation in the AmericasEvent seriesBB
ANNIEArtificial Neural Networks in Engineering ConferenceEvent seriesBB
ANSSAnnual Simulation SymposiumEvent seriesBB
ANTSInternational Workshop on Ant ColonyEvent seriesBB
AOSDAspect-Oriented Software DevelopmentEvent series
Software engineering
APBCAsia-Pacific Bioinformatics ConferenceEvent seriesBB
APCCAsia Pacific Conference on CommunicationsEvent seriesBB
APCCMAsia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual ModellingEvent seriesBB
APCOMinApplication of Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals IndustriesEvent series
Computers and operations research
APLASASIAN Symposium on Programming Languages and SystemsEvent seriesBB
APPROXInternational Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsEvent seriesAA
APSECAsia-Pacific Software Engineering ConferenceEvent seriesBB
APWEBAsia Pacific Web ConferenceEvent seriesBB
ARESInternational Conference on Availability, Reliability and SecurityEvent series
ASAPInternational Conference on Apps for Specific Array ProcessorsEvent series
Computer architecture
ASEIEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software EngineeringEvent series
Software engineering
ASIACRYPTInternational Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information SecurityEvent series
ASIANAsian Computing Science ConferenceEvent seriesBB
ASPLOSArchitectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating SystemsEvent series
Computer architecture
ATVAInternational Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and AnalysisEvent series
Theory of computation
AVIAdvanced Visual InterfacesEvent series
Human-computer interaction
AVSSIEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based SurveillanceEvent series
Image processing
AdComInternational Conference on Advanced Computing and CommunicationsEvent series
Computer science
Ada-EuropeInternational Conference on Reliable Software TechnologiesEvent seriesBB
AgileConference on Agile Software DevelopmentEvent series
Software engineering
AiMLAdvances in Modal LogicEvent series
AlifeIEEE International Symposium on Artificial LifeEvent seriesAA
AofAConference on Analysis of AlgorithmsEvent seriesBB
AsiaCCSACM ASIA Conference on Computer and Communications SecurityEvent series
Computer securitya and cryptography
AsiacryptInternational Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information SecurityEvent series
BASYSIEEE/IFIP International Conference on Information Technology for Balanced Automation SystemsEvent seriesBB
Computational biology
BIRInternational Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics ResearchEvent series
Business informatics
BISInternational Conference on Business Information SystemsEvent series
Information Systems
BPMInternational Conference in Business Process ManagementEvent series
Business informatics
BTUBau, Technik und Umwelt in der landwirtschaftlichen NutztierhaltungEvent series
Life sciences
BroadnetsInternational Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks and SystemsEvent series
Computer networking
BuildSysACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built EnvironmentsEvent seriesAA
CAADRIAAnnual Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in AsiaEvent series
CACSDIEEE/IFAC Joint Symposium on Intelligent ControlEvent seriesBB
CADEInternational Conference on Automated DeductionEvent series
Automated reasoning
CAIAConference on Artificial Intelligence for ApplicationsEvent seriesBB
CAIPInternational Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and PatternsEvent seriesBB
CANSInternational Conference on Cryptology and Network SecurityEvent series
CARDISSmart Card Research and Advanced Application ConferenceEvent series
CASESInternational Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded SystemsEvent series
Computer architecture
CATACCultural Attitudes towards Technology and CommunicationsEvent seriesBB
CAVComputer Aided VerificationEvent series
Software engineering
CBIIEEE Conference on Electronic Commerce Technology and Enterprise Computing, e_Commerce and e-ServicesEvent seriesBB
CCInternational Conference on Compiler ConstructionEvent seriesAA
CCAIEEE International Conference on Control ApplicationsEvent series
Electrical engineering
CCCIEEE Conference on Computational ComplexityEvent seriesAA
CCGRIDIEEE International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid ComputingEvent seriesAA
CCGridInternational Symposium on Cluster Computing and the GridEvent series
Grid computing
CCSConference on Computer and Communications SecurityEvent series
Computer security and reliability
CCSCJournal of Computing Science in Colleges (Conference proceedings)Event seriesBB
CCWIEEE Computer Communications WorkshopEvent seriesBB
CDIFIP/ACM Working Conference on Component DeploymentEvent seriesBB
CDCIEEE Conference on Decision and ControlEvent seriesAA
CEASInternational Conference on Email and Anti-SpamEvent seriesBB
CECIEEE Congress on Evolutionary ComputationEvent seriesBB
CGIComputer Graphics InternationalEvent seriesBB
CGOInternational Symposium on Code Generation and OptimizationEvent seriesAA
CHESWorkshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded SystemsEvent series
Embedded systems
CHIConference on Human Factors in Computing SystemsEvent series
Human-computer interaction*A*24.2
CHIIREvent series
CIAAInternational Conference on Implementation and Application of AutomataEvent seriesBB
CICLINGInternational Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational LinguisticsEvent seriesBB
CIDRConference on Innovative Data Systems ResearchEvent seriesAA
CIKMConference on Information and Knowledge ManagementEvent series
CISTMConference on Information Science, Technology and ManagementEvent seriesBB
CITBComplexity and information-theoretic approaches to biologyEvent seriesBB
CLOUDIEEE International Conference on Cloud ComputingEvent series
Distributed computing
CLUSTERIEEE International Conference on Cluster ComputingEvent seriesAA
CNSMInternational Conference on Network and Service Management (amalgamation of DSOM and related workshops from 2010)Event seriesBB
COCOAConference on Combinatorial Optimization and ApplicationsEvent series
COCOONInternational Conference on Computing and CombinatoricsEvent series
COGROBOInternational Cognitive Robotics ConferenceEvent seriesBB
COINEInternational Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, Norms and Ethics for Governance of Multi-Agent Systems (Ethics added 2020)Event seriesBB
COLDInternational Workshop on Consuming Linked DataEvent series
Semantic Web
COLINGInternational Conference on Computational LinguisticsEvent series
Natural language processing
COLTAnnual Conference on Computational Learning TheoryEvent series
Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
Pages with ignored display titles*A*39.2
COMADInternational Conference on Management of DataEvent seriesBB
COMMONSENSESymposium on Logical Formalizations of Commonsense ReasoningEvent seriesBB
COMPSACInternational Computer Software and Applications ConferenceEvent seriesBB
CONCURInternational Conference on Concurrency TheoryEvent seriesAA
CPConference series
Programming paradigms
CPAIORInternational Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research Techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsEvent seriesBB
CPMCombinatorial Pattern MatchingEvent seriesBB
CRYPTOAdvances in CryptologyEvent series
CSAIInternational Conference on Computer Science and Artificial IntelligenceEvent series
Information Systems
CSBIEEE Computational Systems Bioinformatics ConferenceEvent seriesAA
CSCLComputer Supported Collaborative LearningEvent series
Computer-based learning
CSCWACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work & Social ComputingEvent series
Human-computer interaction
CSCWDInternational Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in DesignEvent seriesBB
CSEDUInternational Conference on Computer Supported EducationEvent series
Computer-based learning
CSFIEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (was CSFW)Event seriesAA