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Logo of SoftWiki
Homepage: Homepage
Field: Software engineering
Type: National project
Coordinator: AKSW
Budget: Overall: 2000000 Euro

Funding: 1500000 Euro

Duration: March 1 2006- February 28 2009

The aim of the cooperative research project SoftWiki is to support the collaboration of all stakeholders in software development processes in particular with respect to software requirements. Potentially very large and spatially distributed user groups shall be enabled to collect, semantically enrich, classify and aggregate software requirements. The solution will be founded on the Semantic Web standards for terminological knowledge representation. The implementation will base on generic means of semantic collaboration using next generation Web user interfaces (in the spirit of Social Software and the Web 2.0) thus fostering completely new means of Requirements Engineering with very large user groups.


Why is the project important?


What shall be achieved during the project?

Softwiki employs aproaches from Requirements engineering, Semantic web, Agile methodologies.


How do you proceed? Mention the workpackages!



What will be the expected result of the project?


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