SISAP 2008

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SISAP 2008
First International Workshop on Similarity Search and Applications
Dates Apr 11, 2008 (iCal) - Apr 12, 2008
Location: Cancun, Mexico
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Submissions: Nov 26, 2007
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The International Workshop on Similarity Search and Applications (SISAP) is a new conference devoted to similarity searching, with emphasis on metric space searching. It aims to fill in the gap left by the various scientific venues devoted to similarity searching in spaces with coordinates, by providing a common forum for theoreticians and practitioners around the problem of similarity searching in general spaces (metric and non-metric) or using distance-based (as opposed to coordinate-based) techniques in general.

SISAP aims to become an ideal forum to exchange real-world, challenging and exciting examples of applications, new indexing techniques, common testbeds and benchmarks, source code, and up-to-date literature through a Web page serving the similarity searching community. Authors are expected to use the testbeds and code from the SISAP Web site for comparing new applications, databases, indexes and algorithms.

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