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ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communications
Event in series SIGCOMM
Dates 2020/08/10 (iCal) - 2020/08/14
Location: New York City, USA
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Important dates
Workshops: 2020/02/16
Papers: 2020/02/07
Table of Contents

Welcome to SIGCOMM 2020

After a careful assessment of the challenges associated with holding a public event involving over 1,000 people in NYC in August, the SIGCOMM EC and the conference's General Chairs and Program Chairs have decided to move to a fully virtual conference for ACM SIGCOMM 2020. The exact modalities are being finalized and we will post regular updates as more information becomes available, but even if virtual the main conference will maintain a live component, albeit one whose format may not exactly mirror that of an in-person event.

This will be the first "virtual" SIGCOMM since its inception 50 years ago, and while this was neither a planned nor a desired transition, it also offers a unique opportunity to "experiment". As such, the EC welcomes suggestions on how, without over-burdening our volunteers, we can make this an exciting and exceptional event for our community.

The organizing committee is delighted to invite you to ACM SIGCOMM 2020, during August 10--14, 2020. SIGCOMM is the flagship annual conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM) on the applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communication.

Facts about "SIGCOMM 2020"
AcronymSIGCOMM 2020 +
End dateAugust 14, 2020 +
Event in seriesSIGCOMM +
Event typeConference +
Has coordinates40° 42' 46", -74° 0' 22"Latitude: 40.712727777778
Longitude: -74.006013888889
Has location cityNew York City +
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Paper deadlineFebruary 7, 2020 +
Start dateAugust 10, 2020 +
Submission deadlineFebruary 7, 2020 +
TitleACM Special Interest Group on Data Communications +
Workshop deadlineFebruary 16, 2020 +