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IEEE World Congress on Servives
Event in series SERVICES
Dates 2021/09/05 (iCal) - 2021/09/10
Location: Chicago, Online
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Subevents: CLOUD 2021, SCC 2021
Table of Contents

The Congress will be organized into the following affiliated conferences:

CLOUD: IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing

The flagship theme-topic conference for modeling, developing, publishing, monitoring, managing, delivering Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) in the context of various types of cloud environments.

ICWS: IEEE International Conference on Web Services

The flagship theme-topic conference for Web-based services, featuring services modeling, development, publishing, discovery, recommendation, composition, testing, adaptation, and delivery, and Web services applications and standards.

SCC: IEEE International Conference on Services Computing

The flagship theme-topic conference for services lifecycle, including enterprise and vertical services modeling, microservices-based solutions, services optimization, services marketing, and business process and scientific workflow management.

SMDS: IEEE International Conference on Smart Data Services

The flagship theme-topic conference for data-driven applications and solutions under the as-a-service model, including analytic services, smart data foundation, Big Data services, Blockchain, and data-intensive computing at the edge and in IoT systems.

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