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Second Workshop on Scalable Data Management, Applications and Systems
Dates Jul 14, 2008 (iCal) - Jul 17, 2008
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 15, 2008
Notification: Mar 20, 2008
Table of Contents

First Call for papers


Second International Workshop on Scalable Data Management Applications and Systems

to be held within

The 2008 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing 
Techniques and Applications
Las Vegas Nevada, USA
July, 14-17 2008

Best papers to be published in Journal of Supercomputing


Data management is becoming a more and more important issue in every 
kind of computing system. High-performance computing, data 
visualization, multimedia and data mining systems are examples of 
application areas where input/output and storage are critical issues for 
performance. A key challenge in those areas is how to transfer large 
amounts of data in and out of large-scale systems, like clusters, Grids 
and peer-to-peer systems. Another key point is how to transfer large 
amount of data in a timely manner. The aim of the workshop is to 
identify, discuss, and share the barriers and workarounds that have been 
discovered in the storage and input/output fields.

Compute and I/O-intensive applications, as represented by the Grand 
Challenge problems, multimedia, cosmology simulation, climate modeling 
and collaborative large-scale visualizations, large data acquisition 
networks, data fussion and integration to name just a few, call for 
innovative approaches to alleviate the I/O devices and networks(both 
bandwidth and file access) bottlenecks.

The advent of commodity (COTS) hardware platforms has opened up numerous 
possibilities in massive data gathering and storage, scalable systems, 
and large-scale simulations. The goal of this workshop is to bring 
together educators, researchers, developers and vendors to discuss 
problems and solutions in the former areas, to identify new issues, and 
to shape future research and development directions. We are soliciting 
papers reporting original work on, but not limited to the following


* File systems, protocols and storage management for parallel and 
distributed systems, including supercomputers, clusters, grid, peer to 
peer, and embedded systems.

* Internet services scalability, including locally and geographically 
distributed web systems, web clusters, web applications architecture, 
mobile applications, web services,  load balancing, availability and 
reliability of web systems, web caching, web replication, edge services, 
web performance modeling, web workload characterization, etc.

* High performance I/O, including massively parallel storage 
architectures, data and meta-data consistency, allocation and 
utilization strategies for exploiting parallel and distributed memory, 
Ad-hoc parallel file systems, parallel I/O architectures, compilers and 
I/O APIs, etc.

* Parallel and distributed databases, including OLAP, replication 
schemes, optimal data allocation, multidimensional analysis, access 
patterns, data declustering, Client Caching Data Management Systems, 
index distribution schemes, memory management techniques, etc.

* Performance evaluation: benchmarking of data management systems, I/O 
benchmarks, performance under faulty conditions, I/O optimization 
techniques for scientific and business applications, performance tuning, 
I/O modeling, performance tools, tests of products, etc.

* Security, reliability and availability in distributed storage systems, 
including fault tolerance mechanisms, impact of replication on 
reliability, reliability and availability modelling, highly available 
storage systems, cryptographic techniques, secure protocols, etc.

* Data management applications, including data mining, knowledge 
discovery, data fussion, ontologies, bioinformatics, simulations, 
geographical information systems, image processing, Web retrieval, 
checkpointing, astrophysics, particle physics, etc.

* Storage technology and protocols including both hardware and software 
elements, including new I/O architectures, active storage, 
virtualization, I/O middleware, quality of service issues, etc.


Submission deadline: Feb, 15, 2008
Notification to authors: March 20, 2008
Workshop dates.July 14-17, 2008

Jesús Carretero and José Daniel García
SDMAS'08 Chairs

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