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The DOI landing page property of the datatype URL is used to denote the website to which a DOI resolves to.

In Open Research this property is needed for the registration of academic event or event series DOIs via DataCite. It is thus recommended to use this property, epsecially when it is anticipated to use the DOI minting service of Open Research for a particular academic event or event series.

Usage guideline

This is only an unfinished example at the moment!

As a default, the value of this property will be assigned automatically by Open Research using the URL of the respective event or event series page. At the moment (Dec. 2020) academic events or event series usually only have a "normal" website for the event or event series. Although these websites often contain the metadata that must be present on a DOI landing page, this metadata is rarely stated in a formalised manner but rather spread throughout multiple pages. It is also often the case that event websites are taken down after the event took place. These "normal" websites are thus not considered suitable for DOI landing pages and should instead only be denoted with the Property:Homepage.


Facts about "DOI landing page"
IsAProperty +
Needed for DOI registrationtrue +
Priority Milestoneiteration 2 +
Usage obligationrecommended +
Used forConcept:Event + and Concept:Event series +
Has type
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