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This wiki already contains annotated articles for 5170 community members, either written by themselves or by others. To go to somebody's page, just type a name into the below field and search.

To add a new person, enter their name below to go to a form to add them; if this person already has an article on the site, you will be sent to the form to edit them instead.


The semantic features of this wiki also create a FOAF file with each person's page.

List of all people on Openresearch

This site features many more people than would fit on a single page. Please use the link below to browse the list, or use the search on the left to find people by name.

AkiwelekarSoftware Architecture and Ontology
M E Computer EnggDr. B. A. Techological University
Albert ZündorfScience
Alberto BarrónScience
Alessandro FarinelliScience
Alexander García CastroScience
Alexander KleinerScience
Alexander KrönerScience
Alexander WöhrerScience
Alexis DrogoulScience
Alípio Mário JorgeScience
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