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ISAPE 2008
8th International Symposiaum on Antennas, Propagation & EM Theory
Dates Nov 2, 2008 (iCal) - Nov 6, 2008
Location: Kunming, China
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Important dates
Submissions: Aug 31, 2008
Notification: Sep 30, 2008
Camera ready due: Oct 15, 2008
Table of Contents

In order to provide a more substantial and extensive forum to exchange recent progress and new ideas in antennas, propagation, and EM theory, the two previous series of ISAE and ISRP meetings, both sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), were combined in 2000 into the new ISAPE series of meetings. ISAPE2008 will be held in Kunming, China, on Nov.2-6 2008. You are welcome to submit papers and to participate in ISAPE2008. The working language in all documents and at the symposium is English. The accepted/published papers will be indexed by EI.

Relevant topics of interest include, but not limited to the following:

A. Antennas
A1. Microstrip and Printed Antennas
A2. Active and Integrated Antennas
A3. Array Antennas, Phased Arrays and
Feeding Circuits
A4. Small Antennas
A5. Adaptive and Smart Antennas
A6. Multiband/wideband Antennas
A7. Wire and Slot Antennas
A8. Millimeter Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave
A9. Aperture Antennas and Feeds
A10. Optical Technology in Antennas
A11. Antennas for Wireless Communications
A12. Antenna Measurements
A13. FSS, polarizers and radomes
A14. Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays
A15. Reflector Antennas

B. Propagation
B1. Mobile and Indoor Propagation
B2. Mobile Channel Characterization and ?
B3. Millimeter and Optical Wave Propagation
B4. Earth-Space and Terrestrial Propagation
B5. Radio Meteorology and Radio Astronomy
B6. Remote Sensing
B7. SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry
B8. Tunnel Propagation
B9. Ionospheric Propagation

C. EM Theory
C1. Bio-electromagetics
C2. EM fields in complex media
C3. Geo-electromagnetics
C4.Theoretical Electromagnetics and
Analytical Methods
C5 Transient EM fields
C6. High-Frequency Techniques
C7. Non-linear electromagnetics
C8. Random Media and Rough Surfaces
C9. Waveguiding Structures
C10. Time Domain Techniques
C11. Inverse Problems and Imaging
C12. Scattering, Diffraction, and RCS
C13. Metamaterials and Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures
C14. Measurement Techniques
C15. Nano-electromagnetics
C16. Seismo-Electromagnetics 

D. Computational Electromagnetics
D1. Integral Equation Mehtods
D2. Differential Equation Methods
D3. Hybrid Techniques
D4. Optimization Techniques for CEM
D5. Asymptotic and High Frequency Techniques
D6. Low Frequency Electromagnetics
D7. Computational Bio-Electromagnetics
D8. Pre and Post processing
D9. Non Destructive Techniques
D10. NEC Modeling and Analysis
D11. FEKO Modeling and Analysis
D12. CST Modeling and Analysis
D13. HFSS Modeling and Analysis
D14. Object Oriented Computational Electromagnetics
D15. Transmission Line Theory   

E. Electromagnetic Compatibility
E1. Probe & Sensor                            
E2. Absorbing Materials
E3. Test Chambers
E4. EMC Test & Measurement
E5. Coupling & Crosstalk                       
E6. EMC Standards
E7. EM Environment                          
E8. Automotive EMC
E9. EM Bioeffect                             
E10. EMC in Communications
E11. EMC in Power Engineering
E12. Lightning, ESD & EMP                     
E13. EMC in Computer & PCBs
E14. Shielding, Filtering & Grounding             
E15. EMC in Microelectronics
E16. Immunity & Susceptibility                   
E17. Spectrum Management
E18. EMI Prediction Analysis, Reduction Technique   
E19. EMC Education

F. Others
F1. High Power Microwave Applications
F2. UWB and Impulse Applications
F3. Ubiquitous Network Systems
F4. Satellite Communication Systems
F5. Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
F6. Subsurface Sensing
F8. Passive and Active Circuits
F9. Power Amplifiers, Linearization, and Active Component
F10. Millimeter-Wave and Sub-Millimeter-Wave Components, Circuits and Systems
F11. Signal Processing for Communications
F12. Advanced Process, Packaging and Integration Technologies
F13. 3D RF Technology
F14. New Materials

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