IPTA 2008

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IPTA 2008
International Workshops on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications
Dates Nov 24, 2008 (iCal) - Nov 26, 2008
Homepage: ipta08.ibisc.univ-evry.fr
Location: Sousse, Tunisia
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Important dates
Submissions: Sep 1, 2008
Table of Contents

The international Workshops on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications aims at gathering challenging international researchers, innovators, educators, and practitioners in image processing theory and tools, for attending extensive educational high level materials, sharing their achievements, exchanging their experiences and discussing future orientations. The conference will also offer an opportunity to fill the gap between image processing researchers and people working in other application fields such as doctors, radiotherapists and industrial parts. Closer link will be focused on between image processing algorithms and the way to implement these algorithms for best performances. Hardware implementations on embedded platforms will be our interest. Three Workshops will be organized in the following areas:

    * Workshop on Image Processing Theory (IPT):

        * 1.1 Image filtering and restoration,
        * 1.2 Image segmentation and tracking,
        * 1.3 Image representation and analysis,
        * 1.4 Pattern recognition,
        * 1.5 Feature extraction and image description,
        * 1.6 3D image modelling and processing,
        * 1.7 Image indexing and retrieval,
        * 1.8 Mathematical morphology,
        * 1.9 Image clustering,
        * 1.10 Data fusion,
        * 1.11 Decision tree,
        * 1.12 Gabor Wavelet network.

    * Workshop on Image Processing Applications (IPA):

        * 2.1 Biological and medical imaging,
        * 2.2 Content based image retrieval systems,
        * 2.3 Biometric authentication, face and iris recognition,
        * 2.4 Image processing for biological systems,
        * 2.5 Visual information processing,
        * 2.6 Pattern recognition,
        * 2.7 Remote sensing

    * Workshop on Image processing Tools (IPL): 

        * 3.1 Hardware implementation,
        * 3.2 Computer architecture and computer aided design,
        * 3.3 Computer aided diagnosis,
        * 3.4 Embedded Systems and HW/SW Co-Design,
        * 3.5 Systems on Chip,
        * 3.6 Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary based image processing


Papers describing general surveys, image processing fundamental theory, specific medical imaging applications, advanced prototypes, tools and methodologies are welcomed. Demonstrations are intensively encouraged. Extended papers describing original contributions are encouraged in the Workshops topics mentioned above. Accepted papers, presented at the conference by one of the authors, are subject of selection of the following journals : Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology: http://www.ripublication.com/acst.htm
International Journal of Biometrics. www.inderscience.com/ijbm
Regular paper submissions, special Sessions and Demo submissions:

		Submissions: September 1st, 2008, 
		Acceptance notification: October 12th, 2008,
		Final Paper Submission: November 1st, 2008,



Tutorials will be held on the first day of the Workshops.

Lectures will be focused on specific areas. Proposals for Special sessions will be in the following areas: Image restoration and segmentation, 3D image modelling and reconstruction in medical domain, biometry multimodal identification methods, and Content Based Image retrieval.


The purpose of demos is to give researchers the opportunity to showcase live demonstrations of their contributions related to different image processing applications. Prospective demo participants should fill out and submit a demo application form which will be included here soon. 

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