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SEMANTiCS conference
Homepage: semantics.cc
has Twitter: @semanticsconf
Average acceptance rate: 27.4
Table of Contents

I-SEMANTICS has an average acceptance rate of 27.4%.


The following events of the series I-SEMANTICS are currently known in this wiki:

 FromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
SEMANTiCS 20199 September 201912 September 2019KarlsruheGermanyHarald Sack
York Sure Vetter
Tassilo Pellegrini
SEMANTiCS 201810 September 201813 September 2018ViennaAustria28.4
SEMANTiCS 201711 September 201714 September 2017AmsterdamThe Netherlands25.0
SEMANTiCS 201612 September 201615 September 2016LeipzigGermanySebastian HellmannAmrapali Zaveri
Anna Fensel
SEMANTiCS 201516 September 201517 September 2015ViennaAustria22.7
SEMANTiCS 20144 September 20145 September 2014LeipzigGermany27.1
SEMANTiCS 20134 September 20136 September 2013GrazAustria25.9
SEMANTiCS 20125 September 20127 September 2012GrazAustria33.9
SEMANTiCS 20117 September 20119 September 2011GrazAustria32.3
SEMANTiCS 20101 September 20103 September 2010GrazAustria27.5
SEMANTiCS 20092 September 20094 September 2009GrazAustria30.4
SEMANTiCS 20075 September 20077 September 2007GrazAustria
SEMANTiCS 200628 November 200630 November 2006ViennaAustria
SEMANTiCS 200523 November 200525 November 2005ViennaAustria




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Steering committee

  • Sören Auer, TIB
  • Andreas Blumauer, Semantic Web Company
  • Christian Dirschl, Wolter Kluwer Germany
  • Anna Fensel, Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck
  • Dieter Fensel, Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck
  • Bernhard Haslhofer, Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Mike Heininger, GfWM - Austria, wissen.io
  • Michael Dekner, GfWM - Austria
  • Dieter Weitz, GfWM - Austria, wissensentwicklung.at
  • Sebastian Hellmann, Institute of Applied Informatics e.V. at the University of Leipzig
  • Martin Kaltenböck, Semantic Web Company
  • Tassilo Pellegrini, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
  • Axel Polleres, Institute for Information Business of WU Wien
  • Harald Sack, Hasso-Plattner-Institute at the University Potsdam