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Advances in Cryptology
Avg. acceptance rate: 26.9
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Advances in Cryptology (EuroCrypt) has an average acceptance rate of 26.9% .


The following events of the series EuroCrypt are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
EuroCrypt 2020May 10May 14ZagrebCroatiaLejla Batina
Stjepan Picek
Yuval Ishai
Anne Canteaut
EuroCrypt 2019May 19May 23DarmstadtGermany23.2
EuroCrypt 2018Apr 29May 3Tel-AvivIsrael23.5
EuroCrypt 2016Aug 5Dec 5ViennaAustria22.6
EuroCrypt 2015Apr 26Apr 30SofiaBulgaria29.4
EuroCrypt 2014Nov 5May 15CopenhagenDenmark19.3
EuroCrypt 2013May 26May 30AthensGreece20.4
EuroCrypt 2012Apr 15Apr 19CambridgeUK21.0
EuroCrypt 2011May 15May 19TallinnEstonia18.6
EuroCrypt 2010May 30Mar 6French RivieraFrance97.9
EuroCrypt 2009Apr 26Apr 30CologneGermany22.3
EuroCrypt 2008Apr 13Apr 17IstanbulTurkey19.0
EuroCrypt 2007May 20Apr 5BarcelonaSpain19.1
EuroCrypt 2006May 28Jan 6St. PetersburgRussia16.7
EuroCrypt 2005May 22May 26AarhusDenmark17.4
EuroCrypt 2004Feb 5Jun 5InterlakenSwitzerland17.5
EuroCrypt 2003Apr 5Aug 5WarsawPoland23.7
EuroCrypt 2002Apr 28Feb 5AmsterdamThe Netherlands27.0
EuroCrypt 2001Jun 5Oct 5InnsbruckAustria20.6
EuroCrypt 2000May 14May 18BrugesBelgium26.0
EuroCrypt 1999Feb 5Jun 5PragueCzech Republic26.2
EuroCrypt 1998May 31Apr 6EspooFinland27.3
EuroCrypt 1997Nov 5May 15KonstanzGermany32.7
EuroCrypt 1996Dec 5May 16SaragossaSpain27.0
EuroCrypt 1995May 21May 25Saint-MaloFrance29.2
EuroCrypt 1994Sep 5Dec 5PerugiaItaly26.3
EuroCrypt 1993May 23May 27LofthusNorway23.1
EuroCrypt 1992May 24May 28BalatonfüredHungary
EuroCrypt 1991Aug 4Nov 4BrightonUK
EuroCrypt 1990May 21May 24AarhusDenmark49.4
EuroCrypt 1989Oct 4Apr 13HouthalenBelgium
EuroCrypt 1988May 25May 27DavosSwitzerland
EuroCrypt 1987Apr 13Apr 15AmsterdamThe Netherlands
EuroCrypt 1986May 20May 22LinköpingSweden
EuroCrypt 1985Sep 4Nov 4LinzAustria
EuroCrypt 1984Sep 4Nov 4ParisFrance
EuroCrypt 1983Jan 1UdineItaly
EuroCrypt 1982Mar 29Feb 4Burg FeuersteinGermany
EuroCrypt 201736Jan 1Apr 5ParisFrance

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