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ENLG 2009
Subevent of EACL 2009
Dates Mar 30, 2009 (iCal) - Mar 31, 2009
Homepage: enlg2009.uvt.nl/
Location: Athens, Greece
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Important dates
Submissions: Dec 12, 2008
Notification: Jan 23, 2009
Camera ready due: Feb 6, 2009
Table of Contents

ENLG 2009 is organized as an EACL workshop, and will take place on 30
and 31 March 2009 in Athens, Greece.

The ENLG 2009 workshop continues a biennial series of workshops on
natural language generation that has been running since 1987, providing
a regular forum for presentation of research in this area, both for NLG
specialists and for researchers from other areas. ENLG
2009 includes two special events. To begin, the Generation Challenges
2009 (see http://www.nltg.brighton.ac.uk/research/genchal09) will be
held in conjunction with ENLG 2009, as an umbrella event designed to
bring together three different shared-task evaluation efforts that
involve the generation of natural language. The Generation Challenges
are organized by Anja Belz, Albert Gatt and Eric Kow. In addition, ENLG
2009 will have a special track devoted to the generation of vague
language based on exact input data.

ENLG 2009 invites substantial, original, and unpublished submissions on
all topics related to natural language generation. Topics of interest

- Affective / emotional generation
- Content and text planning
- Generation for embodied agents and robots
- Evaluation of NLG systems
- Text-to-text generation
- Lexicalisation
- Multimedia or multimodal generation
- Story-telling and narrative generation
- NLG for real-world applications
- NLG in linguistically motivated frameworks
- Personalization and personality of text
- Psycholinguistics and NLG
- Referring expression generation
- Statistical processing for NLG
- Surface realization
- Use of ontologies in NLG
- Vague expressions and large database [special track]

Requirements: A paper accepted for presentation at ENLG 2009 must not
have been presented at any other meeting with publicly available
proceedings. Submission to other conferences should be clearly indicated
on the paper.

Category of Papers: ENLG has two submission categories, long and short

- Long papers are most appropriate for presenting substantial research
results and must not exceed eight (8) pages, including references (these
will be orally presented);

- Short papers are more appropriate for presenting an ongoing research
effort and must not exceed four (4) pages, including references (these
will be presented as posters during the poster session).

Paper Submission: Submissions should be uploaded to the Start web site
for the workshop (to be made available). The only accepted format for
submitted papers is Adobe PDF. Submissions should follow the two- column
format of ACL proceedings. Use of the ACL style files is strongly
recommended (see http://www.eacl2009.gr/conference/authors).  
Reviewing will be blind, so you should avoid identifying the authors
within the paper. Please note that papers for the shared tasks should be
submitted via the Generation Challenges website.

If authors have any questions, they should contact the workshop

The following researchers have agreed to be members of the ENLG 2009
Program Committee.

- Regina Barzilay, MIT, USA
- John Bateman, Universitat Bremen, Germany
- Anja Belz, University of Brighton, UK
- Stephan Busemann, DFKI, Germany
- Charles Callaway, University of Edinburgh, UK
- Roger Evans, University of Brighton, UK
- Leo Ferres, University of Concepcion, Chile
- Mary-Ellen Foster, University of Munich, Germany
- Claire Gardent, CNRS/LORIA, France
- Albert Gatt, University of Aberdeen, UK
- John Kelleher, Dublin Insitute of Technology, Ireland
- Geert-Jan Kruijff, DFKI GmbH, Germany
- David McDonald, BBN Technologies, USA
- Jon Oberlander, University of Edinburgh, UK
- Paul Piwek, The Open University, UK
- Ehud Reiter, University of Aberdeen, UK
- David Reitter, Pittsburgh University, USA
- Graeme Ritchie, University of Aberdeen, UK
- Matthew Stone, Rutgers, USA
- Takenobu Tokunaga, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
- Kees van Deemter, University of Aberdeen, UK
- Manfred Stede, Universitat Potsdam, Germany
- Ielka van der Sluis, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
- Jette Viethen, Macquarie University, Australia
- Michael White, Ohio State University, USA

ENLG 2009 is endorsed by the ACL Special Interest Group on Generation

Important dates:

- Dec 12, 2008 Deadline for paper submission
- Jan 23, 2009 Notification of acceptance of papers
- Feb 6, 2009 Camera-ready copies due
- Mar 30-31, 2009 ENLG 2009


ENLG 2009 is organized by:

Emiel Krahmer
Tilburg centre for Creative Computing
Department of Communication and Information Sciences Tilburg University
P.O.Box 90153 NL-5000 LE Tilburg The Netherlands e.j.krahmer@uvt.nl

Mariet Theune
Human Media Interaction (HMI)
Deptartment of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Twente P.O. Box 217 NL-7500 AE Enschede The Netherlands

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