BMVC 2019

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BMVC 2019
30th British Machine Vision Conference
Event in series BMVC
Dates 2019/09/09 (iCal) - 2019/09/12
Location: Cardiff, UK
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Papers: Submitted 815 / Accepted 231 (28.3 %)
Organizers: Tom Hartley
General chairs: Kirill Sidorov, Yulia Hicks
PC chairs: David Marshall, Majid Mirmehdi, Xianghua Xie, Bernie Tiddemann
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The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) is one of the major international conferences on computer vision and related areas. It is organised by the British Machine Vision Association (BMVA). The 30th BMVC will be held at the University of Cardiff, 9th—12th Sept 2019.

There have been 29 successful BMVC since 1985. They were organised in many major universities in the UK, such as Cambridge (1987), Oxford (1990), Birmingham (1995), UEA (2003), Edinburgh (2006), Leeds (2008) and Imperial College London (2017). The scale of the conference has increased significantly in the past decade. In particular, the 2018 conference attracted 533 attendants and 862 full paper submissions, which was a record high. 255 high-quality research papers were accepted. This years conference has received over 1,000 submissions, with full figures and statistics to be announced soon.

BMVC 2019’s three keynote speakers include Cordelia Schmid of the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation, Antonio Torralba of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Adrian Hilton of the University of Surrey, with tutorials to be delivered by Michel Valstar, John Collomosse, Ondrej Chum and Miroslaw Bober.