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Facts about "AKSW"
Has coordinates51° 20' 26", 12° 22' 29"Latitude: 51.340633333333
Longitude: 12.374733333333
+ and 51° 20' 20", 12° 22' 46"Latitude: 51.339016666667
Longitude: 12.379430555556
Has leaderAxel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo +
Has location addressAugustusplatz 10 +
Has location cityLeipzig +
Has memberSören Auer +, Jens Lehmann +, Sebastian Dietzold +, Thorsten Berger +, Thomas Riechert + and Michael Martin +
Has staff count35 +
Has twitter@akswgroup +
Homepagehttp://aksw.org +
OrganizesCSSW +
Participates inSoftWiki +, DL-Learner +, OntoWiki +, DBpedia + and Triplify +
Sub organization ofBIS +
TitleAgile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) +